BIOPAMA Labs (Development Website)

This website will be the repository for all of the development wireframes for the Biopama Tools and will be the focus for all of the internal and external review and iterations of those tools.

ACP Conservation Knowledge Centre

The ACP Conservation Knowledge Centre will be the reporting tool aimed at high level funders and policy makers and will aim to:


Regional Conservation Planning Tools

The Regional Conservation Planning Tools will be aimed at staff in the regional observatories and in the regions and will aim to provide:


iD editor DEMO

This is a locally hosted DEMO of the iD editor. We have customised the base layer to Digital Globe Premium and the overlay has the WDPA turned on by default. The URL contains the format zoom/lat/lng


With some selections pre-filled:

Some watering Holes in the Okavango Delta
Logging Activity in PNG?

RIS 2.0 Indicator Map

The current stat of things for the future RIS mapcentric tool